Danny Hall is a double-award-winning sports journalist at the Sheffield Star. He's One of our Own is his first book.

'I’ve always had an ambition to write a book, ever since I picked up a copy of The Star as a kid and realised that being paid to write about sport was an actual thing. So, here it is. When Chris Wilder arrived, Sheffield United was a club on the floor... they had just finished in their lowest position since the 1980s, fans were at each other’s throats and the club was about as far away from United as it possibly could be, in more ways than one.

Wilder celebrates promotion with Blade Richard Glossop. (Richard Glossop)

'What followed was, I wrote at the time, about as close to a fairytale as modern-day football allows. The history books will show that Wilder led United to the League One title, with a 100-points haul and other records tumbling left, right and centre. But this was about more than just points and league places... Wilder reconnected club and fans once again and the chant from the terraces said it better than I ever could. So much so, that I used it for the title of the book. 

'He’s one of our own.'

'The aim of the book is to examine that relationship between manager, club and fans, using my own ramblings but also contributions from supporters, players and Wilder himself. Fans have also kindly supplied their pictures of the period, too, and this is the end result. I just hope it does it justice.'

Danny Hall, author